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NEW service – Carglass® Insurance

8 February, 2021

Carglass® is not just glass for cars. In order to find a solution to your concerns, we have cooperated with all insurance companies in the Republic of Estonia for many years and offer a comprehensive loss adjustment solution. We take all of the necessary steps on behalf of the client and insurer so that the damage can be eliminated, the car glass replaced and the vehicle used again as quickly and safely as possible. Very fast and convenient!


We have now taken the next step to ensure the wellbeing of our existing and future clients: 

Carglass® Insurance can be bought at all Carglass® branches throughout Estonia as of 8 February 2021.

The price of glass and glass replacement work is increasing considerably alongside the increase in the technical complexity of new cars, which may turn glass damage into a very unpleasant surprise! This also applies to older cars for which increasingly more people do not take out comprehensive insurance.

In addition to glass damage, the statistics of the insurance market indicate that it is quite common for a car to not start, get stranded on terrain or stuck in snow in winter, get a flat tyre or run out of fuel unexpectedly or for other circumstances to occur that prevent further use of the car.

The costs associated with such events can now be insured at the branches of Carglass® Estonia. The official name of the new service is Carglass® Insurance and it has been launched on the market in cooperation with If P&C Insurance AS.

Carglass® Insurance glass insurance and roadside assistance for M1 and N1 category vehicles that are seven (7) years old or more (but not older than 20 years). The pricing of the service is very simple and reasonable – a policy for a year costs only €39, irrespective of the make or model of the vehicle. Everything will be quickly set up at a branch and the insurance policy will be sent to you via e-mail the next day. You will find the terms and conditions and the details of the product here.


Carglass® is not just glass, but a company that offers solutions for the concerns of its clients!


Sven Freiberg

Division Manager, Carglass® Estonia