Carglass® Insurance


What is it? In Estonia, roadside assistance and glass damage are the most common cases involving vehicles. In order to reduce these risks for the owners of slightly older vehicles as well, Carglass® Estonia has partnered with If P&C Insurance to offer a unique service – Carglass® Insurance.



When can Carglass® Insurance help you?

  • In situations where vehicles have suffered glass damage (glass insurance).
  • In the case of a technical fault of the car, a run-off-road crash, help starting the vehicle, running out of fuel and other problems (roadside assistance).

Who is it for?

  • All owners of M1 and N1 category vehicles whose vehicle is at least seven years old and not older than 20 years as of the first registration.

Where is Carglass® Insurance valid?

  • European countries, excl. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.
  • The European part of Russia in the case of events covered by glass insurance. If the policyholder, the user entered in the registration certificate of the vehicle or the authorised user has been issued with a visa of the Russian Federation, the glass insurance cover is valid in the European part of Russia for seven (7) days as of the date the visa becomes valid.

What should you do in the case of an insured event?

  • In the case of glass damage, call us on 1720 or send an e-mail to:
  • In the case of roadside assistance, call If P&C Insurance AS on +372 777 1211.

Price and deductible:

  • Annual insurance policy costs 39 EUR (3,25 EUR per month)
  • Glass insurance, in the case of glass replacement: €25, in the case of chip repair: €0.
  • In the case of roadside assistance: €0.

How is the contract concluded?

  • You can sign the contract at all Carglass® branches in Estonia.
  • To enter into an insurance contract, you must present the vehicle you want to insure to us so that it can be inspected and photographed.
  • Carglass® Eesti (Windrox OÜ) acts as an insurance agent of If P&C Insurance AS.
  • You can always call Carglass on 1720 or +372 614 2110 if you need further information.

What are the important documents and terms and conditions of the insurance contract?

The general terms and conditions of insurance and the terms and conditions of vehicle insurance of If P&C Insurance AS are important and inseparable parts of the contract:

  • Information document of glass insurance and roadside assistance insurance (open document)
  • Terms and conditions of motor insurance TK-2023 (open document)
  • General terms and conditions of insurance TG-20181 (open document)








Please note: A customer service employee of Carglass® will give the client a Chip and Insurance Card, which confirms that the client has requested entry into an insurance contract. A valid contract is proven by a signed contract and the fact that the agreed insurance premium has been paid for the insurance.


The insurance service is provided by If P&C Insurance AS. Always read insurance terms and conditions and consult an expert, if necessary.

If P&C Insurance AS (registry code: 10100168) Lõõtsa 8a (Tower A), Tallinn,