• Is there an alternative to chip repair and glass replacement?

Windscreen polishing

 NB! The following is for information only, Carglass® Estonia does not offer windshield polishing services.


Can scratched car glass be polished?

All laminated glass on a car can be polished, but polishing tempered glass is complicated, time consuming and generally not done because of the high risk of breakage.

The feasibility of polishing depends mainly on the extent of the damage. Especially with curved glass, each case is unique and all the pros and cons must be considered!

What are the options for polishing car glass?

In general, there are two ways – do it yourself if you have special tools or take the car to a service provider with the latest technology and corresponding glass repair systems.

Usually, a polishing machine is used. The process involves polishing discs, felt, water spray and pastes or chemical polishing agents.

windscreen polishing kit

Car glass scratch removal, process:

• Glass preparation, thorough cleaning, washing.
• The glass is polished until it is hot. At the end of the process, the scratches are gone.
• The glass, smooth but dull, is then polished to a shine, preferably using a vertical and horizontal motion, at an angle of up to 5 degrees.
• Residue is removed and the glass dried with a cloth.

Note: Polishing one minor scratch up to 15 cm in length can take 15-30 minutes and the price and result depend on the nature, size and especially the depth of the scratch. Prices vary, but generally the price of quality service starts from 50 euros.

What are the disadvantages of car windscreen polishing?

• The windscreen becomes “rippled” – distortions occur as the glass surface becomes uneven. This can be very distracting for the driver and is not in the interests of road safety.
• Distortions and ripples change the light spectrum which interferes with driving – especially in sunny weather!
• In the case of deep scratches and nicks, the glass is in danger of becoming a “magnifying glass” as a result of the polishing.
• Relatively high time expenditure.
• The end result may not be acceptable.
• All in all, high-quality polishing can cost more than replacing the glass.
• In the case of an intact dull windscreen, it is definitely cheaper to replace the entire glass.


Your safety

After repairing the chip or replacing the windscreen, we always recommend new windscreen wipers! If the glass was damaged, the rubber part of the wipers has also sustained micro-damage, which may not be immediately visible to the eye (it may damage the new windscreen immediately). If desired, we can install new wipers immediately after the repair or glass replacement free of charge!

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