• Special offers -30%

    for Carglass® customer

Special offers for additional services

Ask for or order a special offer already during the booking process – keyword for customer service: “Dry cleaning offer” or “Full offer”.


1. Dry cleaning offer

 Cars, vans only. Available in Carglass® workshops all over Estonia.


  1. Car interior dry cleaning, includes:
    • interior and exterior cleaning of car windows
    • mirror cleaning
    • car seat cleaning
    • floor and carpet cleaning
    • dashboard cleaning with a microfiber cloth
    • wet cleaning of thresholds
  2. Full filling of the windscreen washer fluid tank

Does not include: luggage compartment, storage, door upholstery, dashboard (wet) cleaning.


(regular price 25€)

2. Full offer

 Available only in Carglass® Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu workshops.


  1. Replacement car 4 hours (up to 100 km)
  2. Wiper blade set BOSCH®
  3. Car interior dry cleaning
  4. Full filling of the windscreen washer fluid tank

(regular price 65€)