• Special offers -30%

    for Carglass® customer

Special offers for additional services

Ask for or order a special offer already during the booking process – keyword for customer service: “Dry cleaning offer” or “Full offer”.


1. Dry cleaning offer

 Cars, vans only. Available in Carglass® workshops all over Estonia.


  1. Car interior dry cleaning, includes:
    • interior and exterior cleaning of car windows
    • mirror cleaning
    • car seat cleaning
    • floor and carpet cleaning
    • dashboard cleaning with a microfiber cloth
    • wet cleaning of thresholds
  2. Full filling of the windscreen washer fluid tank

Does not include: luggage compartment, storage, door upholstery, dashboard (wet) cleaning.


(regular price 25€)

2. Full offer

 Available only in Carglass® Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu workshops.


  1. Replacement car 4 hours (up to 100 km)
  2. Wiper blade set BOSCH®
  3. Car interior dry cleaning
  4. Full filling of the windscreen washer fluid tank

(regular price 74€)

3. Low price glass in stock!

 Available in all Carglass branches.


In our central warehouse we have small stock of glasses which are low-moving, minor transport scratches or with minor production defects (which use is not disturbing).

All such glasses are highly discounted, final price depends on the specific product.

If you are interested in such a glass, ask for an offer for it during the booking. Customer service will check the availability and make an offer.