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    Vehicle and insurance

    In order to make sure your loss event is resolved quickly and easily, we require information on the vehicle’s comprehensive insurance.


    Glass damage

    A damaged side window needs to be replaced.

    A damaged rear window needs to be replaced.

    Fill in the fields below in as much detail as possible to make sure we can immediately provide the insurance company with information without the need to contact you again in order to specify the details.


    Carglass® Insurance

    If you don’t have valid Casco insurance for your car, you can take out a brand new policy to protect your car’s windows at any Carglass® workshop.
    This is an exclusive and affordable way of avoiding the cost of repairs and replacements further down the line.

    I’d like to take out a policy with Carglass® Insurance, including free roadside assistance.


    For your safety

    Whenever chips are repaired or your windscreen is replaced, we recommend replacing your wiper blades as well.
    Your existing ones may be damaged and could scratch your brand new windscreen.
    New BOSCH® AeroTwin wiper blades guarantee improved visibility in rainy weather and dangerous driving conditions.
    Note: Windscreen wipers are available from our workshops. If you’d like us to, we can install them - completely free of charge – as soon as we’ve repaired the chips or replaced your windscreen.

    Yes, i’d like to buy a new set of high-quality BOSCH® wiper blades at the discounted price 35€.


    I want to pay by with LHV hire-purchase service