When to replace windscreen wipers?


As a specialist we are recommending to do it always after mounting a new windscreen. A new windscreen for your used car will result in best vision and safety, there is no sense in ruining it with worn or “tired” wipers!

More reasons:

  • Stripes are left on the windscreen although the wipers have been previously cleaned – most likely the rubber part of the wiper has turned brittle and the only solution is to replace them with a new kit.
  • Spots on the windscreen – this might be a case of reduced pressure on the windscreen or a break in the rubber part. In a more serious scenario both the wiper arm and wiper blade need to be replaced.
  • The windshield is evenly dirty – the rubber blade is worn and is unable to remove moisture, dirt, wood juice/leaves etc. to remove from the windshield. The solution is to wash the windshield thoroughly before installing a new windshield kit.
  • The wiper is squeaking – in this case the rubber blade might me in full working order but the wipers arm might be moving on the windshield on a wrong angle. A physical adjustment might solve the situation. If not, we recommend to see our specialist.
  • The wiper is vibrating or jumping – this might be caused by residual deformation from long-term non-usage or due to exposure to sun. The only solution is to install a new kit.

NB: If you own a sports car, a hatchback, a station wagon or a SUV, then all of this will apply also to the rear wiper. During certain weather events the rear window will soil much more than usual and will need washer fluid in cooperation with a windshield wiper in perfect condition!


Tips for using windshield wipers during winter:

  • Make the last thing to check in the evening that the wipers switch is in zero-position. Windshield wipers that have frozen to the windshield will try to switch on the first thing in the morning and as a result wipers motors can burn out.
  • Raising the wipers for the night will save the wiper blades but will eventually stretch the springs pushing them against the windshield. If this happens the whole system needs to be replaced to accomplish an even pressure to the windshield.
  • To defrost the windshield and the wipers, the car needs to be pre-warmed (windshield heating) and the windshield needs to be cleaned from most of the ice, using defrost liquid when necessary.
  • Do not start to drive with windshield wipers that still have ice on them – it will most certainly harm the windshield. This goes the other way around as well – bumps on the frozen windshield will harm the wipers.
  • The wipers should be cleaned with warm water and gentle dishwasher liquid once in a while. Dry the wiper blades with a soft cloth.

NB: Because of the large climate differences (-30°..+30°) which have a devastating effect on the rubber blade (in addition to the salt, dirt, ice etc.), the blades should be replaced twice in a year. This would be most ideal during the times when the clocks are turned during spring and autumn.

If you wash your car/windshield regularly, once in a year should be enough!


How should I choose the correct windshield wipers for my vehicle?

  • Necessary information: registration number of the vehicle (e.g. 123ABC) or: model, maker and production year. (e.g. Škoda-Octavia-2017)
  • Call 1720 and we will order quality windshield wipers from BOSCH that fit your car perfectly in a few days (wide selection also available in stock)
  • Fitting and adjustment by a specialist INCLUDED in the price!